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MCH-201 - Industrial 19" Rackmount Chassis Simple Type: Chassis / Enclosure

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Industrial 19" Rackmount Chassis Simple Type: Chassis / Enclosure

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  • 14-slot PC/AT compatible passive backplane.
  • 19-inch Rack Mountable case which meets the EIA RS-310C Standard.
  • 300-watt power supply which meets the 14-slot requirements for large scale computer systems.
  • Easily maintainable disk drive bay which allows mounting of 3 half height drives from the front panel.
  • Hard disk drive activity LED indicator.
  • Lockable door for protecting the three disk drives against dust.
  • One ball bearing fan with locked rotor protection, auto cut-off and auto-restart functions.
  • One keyboard connector behind the lockable front door and another keyboard connector at the rear on chassis.
  • Power-on switch with power indicator and reset switch behind the lockable door.
  • Replaceable and easy-to-clean fan filter.
  • Reserved ports for 9/25-pin D-type connectors at the rear of panel.
  • Rugged, steel chassis suitable for industrial environments.
  • Specially designed adjustable hold-down clamp which protects plug-in cards against vibration.




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