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Mitac MSC-256 Single Board Computer - Intel Pentium Support Simple Type: CPU Board

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  • 2.5V and 3.3V power regulator on-board.
  • 5-pin header keyboard interface for external connection.
  • 6-Layer PCB design with high noise immunity construction.
  • Advanced power filter using OSCON capacitor with low ESR.
  • AMI Flash BIOS Setup in Windows form.
  • BIOS provides LBA (Logical Block Addressing) mode to support high-capacity hard drives (over 527MB).
  • Built-in buzzer and external speaker interface.
  • Floppy disk controller supports up to 2.88MB format.
  • High driving capacity for ISA bus.
  • Keyboard lock and Reset switch interface.
  • On-board POST ( Power-on Self-test) LED indicators.
  • On-board PS/2 keyboard and mouse connector.
  • Password protection for system security.
  • PC/104 Bus Interface.
  • PCI IDE interface supports up to four IDE hard drives.
  • PICMG standard compliant, CE and ISO-9001 certified.
  • Shadow RAM capability for system and video BIOS.
  • Supports Intel Pentium P54C/P55C, Cyrix M1, and AMD K5 CPU's.
  • Supports LIM-EMS V4.0 Address Translation Logic.
  • Supports sync 256KB to 1MB SRAM (write-back cache memory) and optional 256KB Pipeline Burst SRAM.
  • Ten Stage Watch-dog Timer.
  • Two 72-pin SIMM sockets on-board for installing up to 128MB DRAM.
  • Two High-speed serial ports which can be BIOS-configured as COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4, or Disabled.
  • Two High-speed serial ports which can be BIOS-configured as EPP or ECP.


  • Board Size: Full Size
  • Board Type: Full Size
  • Bus Interface: PCI/ISA
  • CPU: Socket 7 (Pentium)
  • Expansion Bus: PC/104
  • LAN (Ethernet) Chipset: No LAN
  • Standards: PICMG 1.0
  • System Chipset: ALi M1521, ALi M1523
  • Video (Display) Chipset: No Video



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