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MSC-251-AR-KJF - Mitac MSC-251-AR-KJF CPU Board - Half Size Pentium Single Board...

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Mitac MSC-251-AR-KJF CPU Board - Half Size Pentium Single Board Computer Simple Type: CPU Board

The MSC-251AR/MSC-251AL is a full function half-sized Pentium ISA bus CPU card. It features a ZIF Socket 7 that supports various processors – Intel (P54C, P55C/MMX), Cyrix (M1, M2) and AMD (K5, K6) with speed up to 233MHz. Based on ISA bus architecture that allows upgrading 486 ISA system to Pentium environment with no need to change the backplane. Two onboard 72-pin SIMM sockets offer a maximum configuration of 128MB memory using Fast Page Mode (FPM), Extended Data Output (EDO) or Bust EDO (BEDO) SIMMs. An integrated Flat Panel/CRT SVGA controller with up to 2MB video memory can support a wide range of flat panel display up to 800x600 resolution and CRT display up to 1024x768 resolution. Optional Disk-On-Chip SSD from M-System with capacity of 2MB and up to 72MB provides excellent storage for vital data.

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  • 16-bit I/O decoding feature and non-loss CMOS setup.
  • 3-stage watchdog timer.
  • AMI PnP BIOS in single Flash ROM with VGA BIOS.
  • Built-in VGA port and panel interface for up to 1024x768 resolution.
  • External RTC BQ3287A for 10-years data retention.
  • ISA bus and PC/104 bus interfaces.
  • On-board switching voltage regulator.
  • Onboard 256K to 512KB of pipeline Burst cache memory.
  • One integrated floppy diskette drive controller.
  • Supports Intel (P54C, P55C/MMX), Cyrix (M1, M2) and AMD (K5, K6) from speed 90 – 233MHz.
  • Supports up to 72MB Disk-On-Chip flash disk (optional).
  • Supports up to four IDE disk drives in Master/Slave configuration with PIO mode 5.
  • Two 72-pin SIMM sockets supports up to 128MB of either FPM or EDO SIMMs.
  • Two serial ports that are jumper selectable for RS-232/422/485 data transmission and one multi-mode parallel port.


  • Pipeline Burst SRAM
  • Board Type: Half Size
  • BUS Interface: PC/104 and ISA bus
  • Cache Memory: On-board 256KB to 512KB
  • Dimensions (L x H): 7.283 x 4.783 inch
  • Main Memory: Two 72-pin SIMM Sockets support up to 128MB by using FPM/ EDO/ BEDO SIMMs
  • Main Processor: Intel P54C/P55C, Cyrix M1/M2, AMD K5/K6 from speed 90 –233MHz
  • System BIOS: AMI PnP Flash BIOS



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